Meriye Hire People to Join Your mission

We staff-together with you, remarkable people with talents who shares same values, vision, mission, ethics and same solutions to IT !

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Permanent or Temp Hires

It is important for us to find people with same VALUES, VISION, ETHICS and MISSION as yours. The Cultural fit and a Team Mate are essentials of permanent hires. Tell us the Attributes, Values, Personality you look for. For Temp-Hires, highly skilled talents guarantee results and completion of mission-critical projects or products..

Inhouse / Onsite

We deploy in-house recruiters and HR reps, who assist you with the fluctuating workloads. We agree with you in advance on specific performance criteria, provide total HR management, including recruitment & selection, onboarding & training, and management reports to improve productivity and efficiency.

RPO Model

Outsource your internal recruitment or sourcing process to save the time-to-hire and to avoid associated costs. This comes with verifiable metrics and results periodically. Consider this as an extended arm to your existing HR team located in our offices, which is available to you globally at any timezone with limited liability and sometimes fixed costs.

International Payroll

We run the payroll for international or domestic hires in their country. Meriye's relies on your HRMS/ERP for this and abide by the contractual & legal compliance. The workers are paid in the local currencies and receive payslips in the native languages. Your payroll is simplified.

IT Service Portfolio

Meriye was aimed to cater staff augmentation services to the global customers and now emerging as a full IT Consulting Firm, check it out.

Enterprise ERP Solutions

Customized ERP Integration Service

Next generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems transforming complex legacy ERP systems seamlessly suiting your Innovative Business Models.

Data Sciences and Analytics

Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning

Decisions Taken! Anticipate your outcomes with predictive analytics with our predictive algorithms and machine learning steering your decisions in right directions.

Application Development

Customer/Mobile App Development, Software, Offshore, Onsite

Follow-The-Moon Strategy, no matter where you are located, we help you tweak your sourcing decisions to choose from our Global Delivery Models | GDM ensuring the pre-delivery when you wake-up in the Morning.

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